Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s LDLC RGB PAD

Wired mouse for gamers - right-handed - 2500 dpi optical sensor - 9 programmable buttons Gamer LED RGB hard mouse pad - Size M (358 x 256 mm) - USB

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The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s has nine programmable controls that allow you to assign commands to the appropriate buttons. The built-in memory allows you to save up to three gaming profiles. It comes with the LDLC RGB PAD mouse pad.

Wired mouse for gamers - right-handed - 2500 dpi optical sensor - 9 programmable buttons Gamer LED RGB hard mouse pad - Size M (358 x 256 mm) - USB


Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s and LDLC RGB PAD: Precise, responsive and durable

The Logitech Gaming M ouse G300s features nine programmable controls that allow you to assign commands to ideally placed buttons. Built-in memory lets you save up to three gaming or player profiles, so you can use it on another computer without having to reconfigure it each time. The software allows you to customise the mouse with simple drag and drop operations.

The LDLC RGB PAD Gaming Mouse Pad gives gamers the perfect glide, the precision they need and the style they want. Bright in many ways, the LDLC RGB PAD features a large, smooth 358 x 256 mm surface, a special "frictionless" coating for precision, a non-slip base fora secure fit, and a bright 10-effect RGB LED strip around the edge.

Nine programmable buttons

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s has all the features you need for a comfortable experience. Its contoured shape and grippy texture ensure a secure grip for smooth, fast movement.

To meet your needs in any situation, the G300s is equipped with 9 buttons to save you time when you're on the battlefield. Plus, play on other computers with your settings easily as you can program up to three profiles for each player and each game.

LDLC GamingXperience

In most video games, control of your movements, mastery and precision of your gestures are essential to achieving good results. Without it, the best mouse in the world would be of no use to you. What good is a racing car with conventional road tyres when you can fit it with racing tyres? The same goes for your PC mouse, a good mouse pad will significantly improve its performance, and your efficiency. That's what the LDLC GamingXperience RGB PAD is for. It has been designed to allow you to be efficient, precise and fast in your movements.

Your performance

The LDLC RGB PAD is a rigid mouse pad measuring 358 mm wide and 256 mm high. This large sliding surface allows an ideal range of movement for all types of games. The bottom part (base) is non-slip for perfect stability on all surfaces. The ultra-smooth surface of the mat is made of a double-layer waterproof fabric for a quality glide, without friction, that is both fast and ultra-precise.

Your style

The LDLC RGB PAD is equipped with an RGB LED contour with customizable lighting. Plug in the USB cable (1.75 m cord) and choose from 10 lighting effects with the built-in adjustment knob.

Wave (multi-coloured light wave); Rainbow Shift (random colour shift); Chroma (soft purple/pink light); Ladder (colour gradient); Cyan-blue; Orange; Red; Green; Blue; Purple.

Features :

  • Optical mouse with 9 programmable buttons
  • Built-in memory to store your different profiles
  • Simple configuration software
  • Streamlined and symmetrical shape for better comfort
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Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s LDLC RGB PAD


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  • by pabloL
    Posted on 3 Feb 2020
    Product bought from LDLC on 4 Jan 2020
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    fast and in good condition. CLEAR

    the product is of good quality.

    The mouse is a bit light and low end but it does the job.

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