Second Life

LDLC puts all its specialist know-how at your disposal to offer you new, and second-hand high-tech products at the best prices and more responsibly.

  • Secondhand

    Almost new items

    Some used items are back in stock following a withdrawal (by a supplier or a customer) and are offered to you at very reduced prices.

    Warranty: 24 months (legal) See
  • Outlet

    As new items

    They've never been used, but their packaging may no longer be sealed or may be very fresh (damaged or stained). But after all, what does it matter?

    Warranty: 24 months (legale) See


3 reasons to buy our second-life products:

  • 1. They're cheaper

    And that's their main advantage! At LDLC, the only risk you take is saving money. Our "second life" products have been carefully inspected, their condition is true to life (pinky swear) and their after-sales service is provided by experienced experts.

  • 2. They're guaranteed

    24 months on all products and never less! We aim to offer you equipment that works and that you can rely on. If anything goes wrong, we'll repair or replace it.

  • 3. They're a sustainable choice

    We all know that we need to be more planet-conscious and thus need to consume in a more sustainable way. That's why we offer 2 types of second-life products. This is our way of convincing you while respecting your and our planet requirements.